We are a family of faith in Durham, North Carolina, seeking to glorify and enjoy God together. Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church is a community that welcomes all those who seek God and the message of love which Jesus Christ brings. The hope and faith which we encourage in one another is a gift of God and part of God’s wonderful promise to be Emmanuel, God with us. As God has accepted us in Christ, so we seek to accept one another: in certainty and doubt, in weakness and in strength, with sincerity and humor.

Come, be part of this gathering of sinners and saints who celebrate God’s faithfulness. We gather together to rejoice in God’s life-giving Spirit, to honor our Presbyterian heritage, and to worship God who has defeated hatred and death. We go out into the world, to challenge injustice with the Good News of God’s love, to serve the least of our brothers and sisters, and to be ministers of Christ’s peace.


Trinity Avenue is blessed with a strong pastoral and administrative staff.

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Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church is a member of PCUSA and a church of the New Hope Presbytery.


Trusting God, Living in Christ, Loving All!
TAPC’s succinct mission statement simultaneously defines who we are as a congregation and who we aspire to be. After a year long mission study, we have identified the following core values as being central to our spiritual identity:

  • Worship
  • Christ-centeredness
  • Faithfulness
  • Grace
  • Compassionate caring

With these cherished values established as our foundation, we strive to achieve our vision:
Though God’s grace our church will be energized, engaged and open, and our community will experience our love and care.


Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church was organized in 1921 from roots extending back to 1902. It was incorporated in 1987. Located two blocks from Duke University’s East Campus in Trinity Park, it is an active church whose members come from a wide spectrum of ages, interests, and occupations.

The congregation is drawn from suburbs and diverse residential areas. The church program emphasizes the service of worship, Christian education, and outreach (mission and community service). Trinity Avenue Church is reformed in theology. Both congregation and staff place a strong emphasis on the spiritual quality of the church’s life.

The sense of mission and purpose expressed in the covenant of organization dated May 16, 1921, is still valid and challenging for us today: “…to walk together as disciples of Jesus Christ in a church relationship according to the provisions of the constitution of the Presbyterian Church…to seek in its fellowship to glorify the name and further the cause of our Lord, Jesus Christ.”


The Church offices mentioned in the New Testament which this church has maintained include those of presbyters (ministers of the Word and Sacrament and elders) and deacons.

The elders make up the session of our church. The session is responsible for the mission and government of the particular church. The ministries that our session oversees include outreach, education, worship, membership and administrative functions of the church.

The office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ. At TAPC the deacons oversee the care, fellowship, greet- ers and ushers and the welcoming of people into the life of the congregation.

The Session

Mary Luckenbaugh, clerk
Class of 2017
Caroline Armacost
Brent Blaylock
Tom Carstens
Arland Eyl
Susie Gilbert
Class of 2018
Greg Cates
Mary Luckenbaugh
Bill Ross
Catherine Wilson
Steve Yova
Class of 2019
Stu Albright
Mark Garner
Jenni Murphy
Sam Nichols
Ashlee Smart

The Diaconate

Class of 2017
Laura Garrett
Jane Harper
Ruth Petrea
Mark Phillips
Bill Wicker
Class of 2018
Michaele Collie
Jean Findlay
Ralph Gunderson
Nick Staffa
Bert Wolf
Class of 2019
Laura Clarke
Ahmad Hariri
Rob Kinney
Pam Morrison
Jenny Peters