Adult Christian Education

“He said to him: ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’”
Matthew 22: 37

At Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church, loving God with all your mind is nurtured through ongoing Christian education. We invite all who love God to continue the journey of faith through a variety of classes, programs and activities.

Sunday School classes are offered weekly in several different formats, ranging from traditional Bible study with a weekly curriculum to discussion-based classes; from theological classes to literature-based studies. Classes are held in the Education building on Sunday morning from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m.

Summer Sunday School at TAPC: 4 Sundays, 4 Opportunities each month
Elective classes held in chapel from 10am- 10:45am

Being the Church (first Sunday of the month): This class showcases 3 of TAPC’s ministry partners. Learn more about their mission, the transformative ways God has moved members of our congregation through their involvement, and how you can join in.

In Defense of Civility (second Sunday): At a time when the religious, social and political landscape of our country is characterized by fierce polarization, how can religion unite us? Based on James Calvin Davis’ work, In Defense of Civility, this course taught by Katie Crowe will explore the impact of religion on three controversial moral debates in America’s past and present- abortion, marriage and living and dying well.

Belong, Believe, and Become (third Sunday, begins in May): Taught by Parish Associate Matt Floding, this class is an invitation to community that is shaped by our common experience of the baptismal font, the Lord’s Table, and the pulpit. Exploring these expressions of God’s love and hospitality will not only shape our life together but empower us to extend God’s hospitality to others.

Fellowship Breakfast (last Sunday of the month):Join your family of faith in the Fellowship Hall for breakfast!

Led by Carl Badger, this class aims to deepen faith, love, and hope by various means and media: topics have varied from Bible study to discussing contemporary cinema and music messages depending on the group’s interests. The class is a combination of thoughtful teaching and lively discussion. (Meets in the upstairs education wing)

Connect and Deepen will be looking at and discussing the fundamental Creeds of the Church, focusing on the Apostles and Nicene Creeds, but with some attention to the rest of the Book of Confessions of our Church. The Apostles and Nicene Creeds are the most universally accepted creeds throughout the Church’s history and throughout the Church today, and we will investigate their origins, their Scriptural basis, the meaning of the different elements, the controversies that gave rise to different phrases, and the impact such formulations have had on forming the Church’s faith and its challenges for us today as we continue to confess that “Jesus is Lord.” Led by Carl Badger in the upstairs education wing.

This group of diverse adults, including parents, non-parents, young adults, and not-so-young adults, are led by pastor Katie Crowe and study faith in daily life and current events. (Meets in Bridal Parlor)

The George Mathis adult class has for many decades been highly regarded not only for its good lessons, but also for its music, hospitality, and great fellowship. We use the quarterly publication for Christian teaching interspersed with learning through a series of lessons focusing on Biblical history. Teaching rotates among four different leaders.  We also have regular fellowship activities (quarterly luncheons and a Christmas party). You are cordially invited to join our class where you will be warmly welcomed!

This class is not being held this summer.  It will resume on September 11, 2016.  Members enjoy studying the word, singing old hymns, and one another’s fellowship in this long-established Sunday School class which enthusiastically welcomes new adult members of all ages.  We have a rotating “faculty” of five teachers.  We meet in the Tuthill Room which is on the first floor next to the parlor.

Led by Tom Robinson, this class strives to study the Holy Scriptures amid lively conversation.  The class is open to all ages.  One need *not* have significant knowledge of or background in the Scriptures to participate in the discussion.  As far as possible, each Sunday session is self-contained.  We will read and discuss one—sometimes two—Scripture passages appointed weekly within the Revised Common Lectionary.  While class members will have advance notice of the Lectionary choice or choices for the upcoming class, no specific preparation is required. (Upstairs education wing).


This casual group gathers at the church every other Wednesday from 7-8am to provide a hospitable space for men to enjoy fellowship, study Scripture and pray together. Coffee and a breakfast treat are provided. Please contact Ralph Gunderson at for more information. Visitors are welcome!

If you are seeking an opportunity to break from your day and study scripture and the life of faith and to grow in relationship with others, you are invited to join this women’s group, which meets on Friday mornings. Contact Sloan at to learn more.

This Bible study group meets every Wednesday from 10-11am in the Tuthill room. The “BBB” has been in place for over twenty years, and enthusiastically welcomes new members. This season’s study will be on the gospel of Matthew. Contact Kay Williams at to learn more.

Disciple Bible study is an intensive journey through the Bible, focusing either on the entirety of the biblical canon, one of the two testaments, or a particular book or group of books in the Bible. Participants commit to meet together weekly, bringing their honest observations, questions, and insights. Currently, this group meets every Thursday evening. Opportunities to join occur at various points throughout the year. If interested, contact Lara Chase at

Presbyterian Women circles offer Bible study, service projects and fellowship on a monthly basis. Contact Susan Ferguson at if interested.

See the church calendar for upcoming Wednesday Night Light programs and Sunday School start dates.

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