Presbyterian Women

What is Presbyterian Women (PW)?

Presbyterian Women at Trinity Avenue exists to build community, affirm women’s calls to leadership, and provide opportunities for fellowship and Bible study. Membership is open to all women of the church, and members are those who choose to participate in or be supportive of PW in any way.  PW seeks women inclusive of all ages, races, and ethnicities so that it reflects the rich diversity of the Presbyterian Church. Fellowship and Bible study typically occur through “Circles” or groups of women who meet on a regular basis. TAPC has four active circles:

  • The Circle of Friendship meets the first Monday evening of the month.
  • The Circle of Fellowship and Study meets the first Tuesday morning of the month.
  • The Circle of Faith meets the second Monday evening of the month.
  • The Circle of Hope meets the third Monday morning of the month.

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Ten reasons to become involved in Presbyterian Women:

1. You will use your time in meaningful ways.

2. You will meet new people and make new friends.

3. You can help direct the future of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

4. You may learn marketable skills, gain valuable experiences and share these with others.

5. You will learn how to transfer your Christian belief into action.

6. You will discover new outlets for creative expression and gain a sense of accomplishment.

7. You will contribute to the lives of others.

8. You will enjoy the fellowship and fun of working with others for a common purpose.

9. You will grow and develop personally as a Christian woman and disciple of Christ.

10. You will be challenged by Christ’s call to be servant leaders.

See the church calendar for the latest on Presbyterian Women events!