Torreros               TAPC Youth Caroling


What sounds like a party, smells like teen spirit

feels like a tornado, looks like a rec room,

and, tastes like a pizza?

It’s Youth Ministry at Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church! Whether it is a Sunday night fellowship gathering, a mission trip to Houma, LA, or an outing to the climbing center; all middle and high school youth are invited to participate in the excitement, inspiration and fun of gathering with other Christians.

Led by adult volunteers – and our new Director of Family Ministries – Tommy Grimm, youth ministry at TAPC is growing and needs the gifts of ALL the youth of our congregation! Whether you are just beginning to explore your faith, completely new to TAPC, or have attended Sunday School since you were in diapers, you are welcomed as a part of this ministry of service, Bible study, fellowship and fun.

    • Fellowship: Middle school and high school alternate Sunday evening gatherings weekly. Myriad activities that frequently spawn laughter and fun are offered throughout the year. But fellowship will also stretch your imagination for the many possibilities for the life of faith. And yes, there is usually food
    • Service: It’s what we do! From projects like the fall rake n’ run, to week-long mission trips, the youth of TAPC find joy in serving others.
    • Sunday School: Usually features doughnuts and a healthy dose of Bible study, 9:45 – 10:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings.


See the church calendar for dates and details of upcoming youth ministry events!

For more information:

Contact Tommy Grimm, director of family ministries, 919-682-3865 or by email.

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